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"Over the years we’ve worked with various online registration tech companies, so I’d definitely recommend njuko – we wouldn’t use anything else!"

- Lucie Melling, Operations Manager, Tough Guy.


Tired of long check-in lines?

Our cloud-based box takes the hassle out of long lines and allows you to check-in registrants with a scan code or name.


PROBLEM: Your event is popular and your lines have become difficult to manage

We have spent time working side-by-side with our race organizers and timers and work hard to give them what they want.  When they told us they wanted a solution to help speed up check-in lines and collect event waivers more efficiently, we listened.  And then we got to work developing.


SOLUTION: The njukoBOX and mobile app makes check-in and BIB retrieval fast 

We wanted to provide our organizers and timers with an easy automated solution, so we created a cloud-based, internet-free event management box and a mobile app. Together, they create an efficient and speedy check-in, digital waiver collection, and BIB retrival process.

OUTCOME: Now your registrants can enjoy the event and compete stress-free

Recently, we were able to calculate a rate of 20 people per minute while using the njukoBOX and 7 tablets with our mobile app.  We were pretty excited about it and so were the registrants, who were able to get through the check-in process with minimal wait time.