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njuko's philosophy

"njuko was built to break the mold.  To be true to ourselves and to the market.  We listen. We give you the solutions you ask for. We work side by side as partners in your events. We don't see you as a customer, we see you as part of our team.  When you win, we win."


When you join njuko, you become part of our team.


Where did njuko come from?

njuko launched in 2012 in the beachside town of Bidart, France. We quickly became the No. 1 endurance registration platform in France and are currently one of the largest in Europe.  Fast forward to the Summer of 2016 and njuko now has offices in the UK, Ireland and the USA. Industry leading organizers and timers immediately saw how our technology could add value to their events and we have been adding more to team njuko ever since.

How did you get that name and how exactly is it pronounced?

njuko is pronounced "new co."

Why is our name so different?  No, we are not a sushi company, even though our name might sound foreign.  Our company name came about after our founder saw a need in the marketplace to be authentic, different and transparent. So njuko is really a play on the words "a new company" as in a "new co." 

What is njuko's main focus?

Our main focus is to give you the tools you need to tackle any challenge you may face in endurance event management.  100% of our development time is dedicated to our platform.  By listening to your feedback, we anticipate needs and have the capacity to create solutions on demand.  

Why doesn't njuko have calendars or require registrants to login?

We are dedicated to two things.  Our technology and your brand. Our technology was designed to put your brand out front.  We are here to supply you with the technology you need to support your brand.  Your event does not conform to us, we conform to your event.

So, what is it like to work with njuko?

We might work with 1's and 0's all day, but this is a truly human organization.  When you join our team, you are joining a community of  international, authentic and passionate people. Our office serves as a place of camaraderie and creativity.  We believe in having fun while getting the job done. If you can beat Willy in our afternoon FIFA Xbox tournaments, then he will personally hand you his golden Xbox controller.