You are the trusted industry leaders.  We give you the tools to lead and succeed.

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White Label

We are built to be a white label platform in order to put your brand first.  We do not want to get in the way of your success, we want to enhance it.

No Contracts

Our goal is to have you stick around.  We don't do that by forcing you to stay in a relationship you don't like.  njuko is about trust, transparency and teamwork.  No contract required.

No Account Creation

When we started njuko, we completed a study that found 70% of all registrants prefer not having to create an account to register for an event.  We listened to what the market wanted and created a platform free of logins and accounts.  The easier the process, the more registrations you receive. 

Stay In Contact

Every communication you have with your registrants can be customized.  Send custom emails like confirmation of registration and payment receipts with personal details automatically.  Use our HTML email editor to create templates for any need you might require.


Create automated rules and discounts that adjust to your operational and marketing needs.  Gain efficiency and time by having njuko's platform do all the hard for you.

Digital Check-In

Check-in thousands of participants in no time.  With the njukoBOX and app, we provide you with a fully digital solution to handle even the largest crowd.  Assign BIBs, race packs, manage inventory and make corrections on the fly.