7 Ways njukoUSA is Different


Interested in njukoUSA and how we are different from all the other online registration and event technology companies out there?  Here are 7 ways we believe we are paving a new direction forward for endurance sports management.


7 Ways njukoUSA is Different


1. Your brand, always front & center.

We pride ourselves on being the only platform built from the ground up to be "white-labeled." What does it mean to be white-labeled? It means that we operate behind the scenes and allow your brand, company, and events to be the main focus.  It means you can market your events in your own custom way without taking your registrants to a different website.


2. No account creation or logins required.

We remove all barriers to get you the most registrants as possible.  Our studies have determined that 70% of all registrants did not want to create an account to sign up for an event.  With njuko, registrants complete their entry form and pay.  That's it.


3. We believe in giving you financial transparency.

We allow you to see the financial details of your event, right down to every penny.  No hidden fees, charges, or catches.  You have complete control of how you decide to share processing fees with your registrants.  Don't want to use our payment gateway? We allow you to use your own payment gateway to allow funds to flow directly to your account.


4. We believe your data is just that, YOURS. 

We will never sell, share or publish your data from our platform.  It's your data and we believe in keeping that private for you.


5. Our automated services give you flexibility.

With the most flexible platform on the market, njuko give you easy access to tools that simplify your event management.  Automated rules, emails and BIB assignments plus a whole suite of management tools allow you to effectively manage your event and your own time.


6. We provide tech solutions, like digital check-in & BIB retrieval. 

Are your check-in lines long and intimidating?  Our njukoBOX stores your event data where you can easily access it whenever and wherever, no internet required.  When paired with the njuko mobile app, the njukoBOX becomes a check-in machine, allowing you to efficiently check-in thousands of participants with minimal volunteers.


7. If you are a timing company, we allow for revenue sharing opportunities.

Turn registrations into a revenue generator for your timing company.  With our white-label technology, our platform becomes yours to resell.  Interested in learning more about this? Click the button below to be taken to our timers page.