Feature Updates

Written by: Tom Mannah, njukoUK Strategic Account Manager

LONDON, UK - It’s been an exciting past few months over at njuko HQ as our team have been redefining online registration, getting into the festive spirit and expanding our partnerships across the channel.

Give the gift of fitness

Over the years we’ve focused on developing tech that is versatile enough to achieve almost any objective, so when we were asked ‘Can you create a registration process for Christmas Vouchers?’ not only did we say ‘Yes’, but it was live within 24 hours.

So this Christmas make sure that you’ve got the right solutions for your customers and their loved ones.

Mobilizing video

When it comes to event marketing, video is king and is mobile gold. With video accounting for 57% of all consumer traffic, and 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a video, we know it’s an essential part of any marketing strategy.

When you combine this with the fact that nearly 60% of event registrations occur on mobile, it made perfect sense for us to add video to the registration page.

What a great way to get participants excited, engaged and signing-up!

Team registrations with reserved waves

While sport event management is an ever evolving industry we don’t just listen to what’s happening - we anticipate and innovate.

Our new team and wave functionality truly is an industry first. Through our team-waves reserve options you can allow for team captains to register/pay for themselves and have others join their team, but that’s not it. You can also reserve the amount of spaces in a wave for a team until a certain date (maybe the next price rise), and if the team isn’t fully formed by a set-date those places go back on sale. 

This is designed to get team-captains registered while invoking a sense-of-urgency to recruit. ‘Sign up now and reserve your spaces before the price rise’.

njuko Cashback

We’ve developed a brand new functionality that allows our clients to create ‘Cashback’ offers. This is a great leap forward when it comes to marketing to teams, and best of all it’s completely automated giving you a new dimension to your marketing strategies.

This simple rule gives you the ability to automatically refund £x amount when a team reaches a certain size. ‘Sign up a team of 50 and get £50 cashback’.

njuko launches in the UK and Ireland

A few months ago njuko made its way to the UK & Ireland. We’re delighted to be the chosen technology partners of Tough Guy, Nuclear Races, RunIreland and a whole lot more.