Tough Guy the Final Chapter! part 2

Pierre Duvelleroy, njuko founder & CEO with a Tough Guy race marshal

Pierre Duvelleroy, njuko founder & CEO with a Tough Guy race marshal

Written by: Tom Mannah, njukoUK Strategic Acct. Manager

PERTON, UK - Tough Guy is one of the most established events globally for obstacle course racing. With a history spanning over 30 years they attract thousands of participants per event. With an event of this size online registration requirements tend to be quite complex for good reason.

Last year Tough Guy decided to switch over from their old online registration platform to njuko.

Prior to their event in January 2017 we migrated all data from their previous online system onto the njuko platform so they could manage their participants from one place. This migration process involved thousands of participants who had signed-up throughout the year as individuals or teams.

We then built the new registration form to their requirements which made the registration process more efficient by creating a simpler user journey for the participant and giving Tough Guy more tools to manage their data. Finally, we consulted on the best option for on the day check in and bib allocation.

Our on-site check in and bib allocation solution was used for Tough Guy January 2107:

·         7 volunteers with 1 tablet each

·         On Saturday we checked-in 2,478 people throughout the day

·         On Sunday we checked-in 2,517 people within 5 hours.

·         Our busiest moment was between 10:30 – 10:36 where we checked in 122 people, or 20 people per minute.

Using our ‘next available number’ technology meant that as each participant was scanned through they were then synced to the next available bib-number. We then took a photo of the event waiver and attached it to their registration. Working this way meant that the participant was checked-in in a matter of seconds, and the event organiser also had a digital photo of their event waiver. All check-ins were updated in real-time to the njuko box. In addition the njuko box generates its own wifi and no data is stored on tablets . As a back-up plan, we also have the ability to process on-site check in offline so if the networks crash, our processes won’t.

‘Working with njuko over the past few months has been great. They not only provided great support and creative solutions to some of the challenges we had but they had a genuine willingness to make sure we were happy with their recommendations. The on-site check in solution was fantastic not only did it free up hundreds of hours of work for us (pre-event) but it made the overall day run a lot smoother than previous years. 

To give this context last year we checked-in around 400 people on the Saturday, this year it was over 2,400 which means we improved our efficiency by 600%.

Over the years we’ve worked with various online registration tech companies, so I’d definitely recommend njuko – we wouldn’t use anything else!’. Lucie Melling - Operations Manager, Tough Guy.