njuko Has Established Itself in the Arena of Digital Management of Sports Events

njuko's Founder & CEO, Pierre Duvelleroy

njuko's Founder & CEO, Pierre Duvelleroy

(Translated from the original French article from www.sudoest.fr )

November 11, 2016

BIDART, FR - njuko has developed tools which facilitate and improve the management of endurance events. It is already the industry leader in France and has 12 employees.

In 2012, Pierre Duvelleroy created an online registration and event technology company.  The manager is rich with experience in this particular sector in the United States. His mission in creating njuko is to do better in terms of ownership of data and develop the standard of a "white label" service.

The company offers organizers of large sporting events a complete management solution from A to Z, without putting its own brand out front. It's platform encompasses everything from entries, financial aspects and reporting, but also logistical preparation of the competition. Thus, competitors can upload their supplemental documentation online and organizers benefit from easy access of this information on D-Day.

In 2015, the company, which employs twelve people (nine in France, two in the United Kingdom and one in the United States) had a turnover of € 600,000 and managed € 22 million in registrations from Organizers of endurance sports events (running, cycling, mountain biking, etc.).

Some of njuko's largest customer include; the marathons of Luxembourg, Geneva, the Haute Route cycling race in the most mythical passes of the Pyrenees and also the most historic customer, Issy-les-Moulineaux Christmas corrida--a race in which the 16,000 participants are dressed as Santa Claus.

Njuko has been a leader in its business in France since the end of 2014 and plans to open up new markets abroad. The Aquitaine of the year award distinguishes successful companies in each department of the region.